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Aleya is proficient in working with dark energy, shamanism, alchemy, and Indigenous American magic. All spells and root work is justified and in my clients best interest. This work clears obstacles, destroys enemies/opposing forces, opens roads and allows you to manifest prosperity and move forward in love, relationships, career and more.

Pricing: Prices for work generally starts at $225 and may go up from there depending on your personal situation and how much work is needed. All of this will be revealed during your consultation.

Consultation: A Consultation for $85 is required before any work is done. Pay for your consultation below in the How It Works section of this page.

Types of Root Work

Prosperity | Money | Good Luck

This brings in the right energies to attract prosperity, money and overall abundance into your life. Be surrounded by the energy of prosperity. Increase your luck. Fast luck.

Uncrossing | Curse Removal | Remove Black Magic | Remove Evil Entities

This removes jinxes, curses, crossed conditions and hexes from your life so you can begin to move forward in a positive direction. Remove black magic, evil spirits, demons and more. If you believe you have been hexed, jinxed or cursed this will be revealed during your consultation with Aleya.

Get a Job | Attract Opportunities

Get work done to attract a great job/career that you want and open the door for awesome opportunities.

Destroy My Enemies | Get Justice | Protection | Send Back to Sender | Revenge | Spiritual Warfare

Destroy enemies hold over you. Stop enemies and evil doers. Send witchcraft and ill-intent back to the sender. Remove a person or unpleasant situation from your life.

Spiritual Cleansing | Road Opener

Are you feeling stuck, experiencing bad luck, going in circles or just not moving forward in love, career, and life? If so, a Road Opener will clear the pathway so you can accomplish your goals.

Custom Spell | Root Work

We will take a special request. However, we do not offer work to get a lover back etc… The only love workings that will be performed are to remove blockages/remove bad influences or people/break work that is interfering with your relationship.

How It Works

1. If you are interested in Spellwork you must start off with an $85, 30-minute consultation below. Once you click the button below to book via PayPal, you will automatically be redirected (within 10 seconds) to my online appointment scheduler where you can select your preferred day and time! 

Make sure you have read the Rootwork Agreement.



All sessions are 100% confidential. I completely honor and respect your privacy. All information shared is strictly between me and the client.

How Are Sessions Setup

I will call you at the number you provide when you scheduled your appointment. International calls outside of the U.S. are via Skype or free conference call. If for any reason I call and you do not answer, I will call again immediately and if there is still no answer I will call again in 5 minutes. I do not extend the length of the session if you are late answering the call. Your session will be completed using the remaining time left.

Terms and Conditions

I ask that you make our consultations a priority. If you need to reschedule you can do so using the acuity scheduling system. If you want to cancel your consultation you must do so 24 hours before your scheduled time in order to receive a refund. If you fail to cancel 24 hours before your appointment then your investment in you will be forfeited.

Are Sessions Recorded

You are always welcome to record the session. If you want your session to be recorded you may set this up through free conference, google voice, through Skype or however you see fit.

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