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“I want to thank Aleya for getting rid of all the negative entities & spirits that were in my home. I had put my trust in another psychic (before Aleya) she caused evil entities that affected my love life, sex life, relationships & finances. It also affects people that lived with me, in the same areas. Anyone that wanted to get a job, they would be unsuccessful. Items like glass miraculously just fell for no reason. Aleya cleared all that up. Now I’m much happier & I have someone I can trust.”

~ Bridgett B.

“It was a great experience. Aleya was awesome!” ~ Cherese Campbell


Aleya was amazingly in tune with my energy. Her messages and insight have been empowering and affirming. I am reminded that I am already in tune. I have finished sessions feeling a sense of expansion, deeply in tune with myself as a Soul in a body with a clear vision on what my mission is on this planet. Thank you Aleya for your ability to see Soul and offer it a loving goad to keep on keeping on— that it’s love will continue to guide the way!” 💕🌈😇

~ Sarah Lamb

“My experience was great. I have no complaints. Looking forward to working with you in the near future!”

~ Latoya

Wonderful experience, really spoke to my heart and spirit.”
~ C. Campbell

“Aleya has an amazing gift. She made me feel comfortable and she just has a loving presence about her. She helped me understand more about myself and what is out there for me. She was able to settle my mind and put me at ease. I will definitely be talking to her again. I would highly highly recommend her to anyone.”
 ~ Tammy Friederich

“When I spoke with Aleya, she seems very warm heart, sweet person. I felt like I was speaking with a friend of mine.I have gotten reading in the past, and she was on point with my reading. She is honest with her information and she is very positive. I am looking forward to working with her in near future. I definitely recommend her.”
~ Fatima

“Aleya was very warm and sweet. Her style is unique. I felt like I was speaking to a close friend, family member. She is very inviting, insightful, and was on point with her information. Truly. I will absolutely do another session with her, as well as, refer my friends to her.”
~ Kika Martin

“Aleya was awesome! She gave me clarity and confidence. She helped me break free from what was holding me back both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend her!!”
~ Taria Pritchett

“Sometimes it takes a long time to find a pure energy worker who works with her ancestors and brings their ancient rituals and healing harmony into the light, to work on a very high level of channelling, it’s also hard for a psychic healer/ medium to accept that they need energy shifting and finding the right light worker is often difficult in this profession. My guides guided me to find Aleya. I don’t trust many people but I trust my guides completely.  
My healing session was spell binding and enchanting and I felt so much shifting of the energies. Aleya zones out and uses ancient healing method to bring in the highest level of channeled healing I have ever received.  Aleya is pure, her soul shines to help others she really is spell binding and the best light worker I have come across.”
Paula Mary
Psychic healer /medium Bexhill on Sea (UK)

“I have spoken to a lot of people with gifts, Aleya’s gift is by far the most divine and amazingly accurate of all!!! I felt empowered and finally connect with my true self!!!! Xx thank you Aleya..” 
~ Bianca Mitchell-Cowie (Australia)

“My energy has felt very blocked lately and I was asking for help. I got it with the meditation suggestion. Thank you! 
I am also very shocked, but extremely enthusiastic, about my pending relationship with the earth. The reading was very enjoyable and informative. Thank you.”  – Shairie

 “Aleya is the real deal! I received a reading from her and it was awesome. I really wanted to know what I needed to do to improve my life and what was holding me back.
Some of the things she told me about my life we had never discussed but she was totally right. Her psychic abilities are totally on point. It was an amazing experience. She told me exactly what I needed to know. It wasn’t all fun and games to hear some things but I now know what is holding me back from being my best self. I have a chance to correct it and live in total freedom. She gave me recommendations on how best to act upon the information I had been given. My life is going forward and I am at peace.
If you are really ready to vastly improve your life, ready to hear the truth about what is holding you back, and willing to do the work to move forward – Don’t walk, run, and contact Aleya. You won’t be sorry. It will be the best thing you ever do for yourself.”
~ Chastity Brackeen

“Aleya – thank you for the insightful reading.  I felt you got to the core of why I am here and what has been happening to me and what my truth is and how best to live it! Also, many of the items you told me where in “process” are happening … awesome.

Tim Leary ~  California

“The reading has helped me because it kinda gives me a window to look out of. It’s like I know in my heart what is going to happen and a reading just paints the picture. I know good times are ahead of me and that I’m going thru one of the dark times now with my mom and it is really wearing me down, but at the same time I can look at my picture out the window and know this will pass and there are better things ahead for me. So it really gives me the energy to keep going. It was suggested I spend more time writing and I am doing that to help me thru the stressful times it helps relieve the tension and frustration. I know my mom’s time left is limited and writing helps me get thru it without showing her the tears.

In a few months when I have caught up to the rest of my reading I will be back for another one. I also want to do one of the medical readings just to help me stay healthy.

Thank you for all that you do.   ~ Cyndie

“Your reading was very helpful and as a few days lingered on after the reading, it dawned on me how accurate it was! It has inspired me to do more work in the Akashic Records myself. You were very helpful and a great introduction to this type of reading. Thank you!”

Natalie ~ California

“Having never had a past life reading before I was not sure what to expect. I got a pleasant surprise -Aleya is amazingly down-to-earth and practical in her approach. She explained the readings in terms that were easy to understand and I was able to use the information straight away. This has been having a profound impact on my life ever since! If you want to get some messages for your life in a caring environment Aleya is the person to go to.

Christie ~ Sydney, Australia

“Thanks, Aleya for my chakra balancing experience it made feel at peace, you where so on point and very professional.  I enjoyed your energy and your willing ear to listen.  It was a fantastic experience over all.  Thank you again.  Peace and love!”

Shaun ~ Atlanta, GA

“If you would like someone to give you a powerful reading of your Akashic Records contact Aleya. She’s the real deal…

Jason Hairston ~ Atlanta, Georgia

“I utilized Aleya’s Life Coach services during a transformational phase in my life both in terms of my career and family matters.  I provided my goals to Aleya and was excited to not only achieve them by the end of our sessions, but I actually surpassed them.   Although our sessions were held over the phone since we are in different states, I had no doubt Aleya was fully engaged because of the questions she asked and small exercises she assigned (if you want the results you have to do the work!) Intuitively she knew what questions to asks as she facilitated me through the exercises and conversations that eventually lead me to decision(s).  I definitely plan to work with Aleya in the near future as I plan my next business journey.”

Brenda R. ~ Cincinnati, Oh

“Aleya rocks!  The minute we had our first session, I knew she was going to be a great coach.  Aleya has helped me many times find clarity, awareness, and the solution that was right for me in whatever subject we were discussing.  Her education, experience, and natural ability make her a coach that can help you get from where you are to where you want to be!”


Chastity ~ Atlanta, GA


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