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The Oracle

Aleya prefers not use tools for readings, just her connection to Spirit. She is an Oracle, Psychic Seer, Medium, and Spirit Reader. Readings are honest, insightful and will spark transformation. Aleya will tell you both the good and bad she sees with compassion as well as the intent to help you master your life.

✴We can discuss anything you like such as relationships, life purpose, health, finances, the Akashic Records (60-Minute sessions only), sex life, career, curses, trauma/abuse, past lives, self-confidence and more.✴

Do you need clarity and spiritual guidance/support?

Want to tap into the Akashic Records for a better understanding of your purpose?

Want to communicate with your spirit guides and loved ones?

Do you feel blocked mentally, spiritually and/or emotionally?

Whatever It Is Let’s Talk!!

We can discuss anything you want in a sacred, open and safe environment.

*Remember if a message does not resonate with you right now, most likely it will at a later time.

How It Works

1. Readings are by Phone, Skype, and WhatsApp (Call Only) (Worldwide).

2. Once you click the button below to book via PayPal, you will automatically be redirected (within 10 seconds) to my online appointment scheduler where you can select your preferred day and time! 

3. Readings are $150 (60-minutes) and $85 (30-minutes). Be sure to take notes during our session! Also, keep in mind Akashic Records Readings are only conducted during 60-minute readings. Questions will only be answered during the time we have scheduled. Many Blessings and Love!

Get started now! 

30-Minute Reading

60-Minute Reading




All sessions are 100% confidential. I completely honor and respect your privacy. All information shared is strictly between me and the client.

How Are Sessions Setup

I will call you at the number you provide when you scheduled your appointment. International calls outside of the U.S. are via Skype or free conference call. If for any reason I call and you do not answer, I will call again immediately and if there is still no answer I will call again in 5 minutes. I do not extend the length of the session if you are late answering the call. Your session will be completed using the remaining time left.

Terms and Conditions

I ask that you make our sessions a priority. If you need to reschedule you can do so using the acuity scheduling system. If you want to cancel your reading you must do so 24 hours before your scheduled time in order to receive a full refund. If you fail to cancel 24 hours before your appointment then your investment in you will be forfeited.

Are Sessions Recorded

You are always welcome to record the session. If you want your session to be recorded you may set this up through free conference, google voice, through Skype or however you see fit.

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