Why You Should Get Rootwork. Signs You May Be Cursed.

marie laveau 2Spells and magic are all about using natural elements, a connection to the Divine, creativity, focused intentions, knowledge of herbs/spices/nature, understanding energy and how to manipulate it and adding some extra juice to help manifest your desires. Now, of course, there is more to it.

All witches, rootworkers, voodoo practitioners etc… are NOT created equal! 

I do work that serves to help my clients achieve their goals, which may include, spiritual protection, banishing evil, manifesting prosperity, changing your luck around, getting an unwanted person out of your life, bringing peace and harmony to a relationship, home, work environment etc…

Spells can also boost the energy of the recipient and give you more confidence about the present and future. Sometimes we need a little help opening the roads and moving forward in life and that is what Rootworkers and Spiritualist like myself are here to do.

Using magic in this way can really help turn your life around on many levels.

Signs you may be cursed

  • Bad luck seems to always follow you. Things may go well for a while, then suddenly without good reason, everything falls apart, you lose your job, relationships get complicated, you are back to struggling again etc…
  • You are depressed and even suicidal often. This may spring up on you out of nowhere making you feel like giving up and you may not even understand why.
  • Your relationships consistently fail and do not seem to go in your favor despite your efforts.
  • If you are being taunted by demons and evil spirits there is a possibility someone is using black magic on you.
  • Financial ruin that seems to happen out of nowhere.
  • You are constantly self-sabotaging and making bad decisions despite your efforts to do better.
  • Sometimes curses will cause you to lack motivation, creativity and the energy to accomplish your goals each day.

Now, of course, many of these signs may be due to other causes, but if you are experiencing any of this and suspect that something is not right, it is a good idea to get a reading for more insight.

Curses can wreck havoc on your life and far too often they go unnoticed by the victim with the symptoms being misdiagnosed. There are some curses that can be broken all on your own, while there are other more complicated spells that were placed by very experienced black magicians which can be a pain in the ass to break.

If you need a little help working your magic, I am here for you! For more information on spells and rootwork, CLICK HERE.

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One thought on “Why You Should Get Rootwork. Signs You May Be Cursed.

  1. Loved your blog on root work and spells. The picture of Madam Leveaux was great to see. I am a light worker as well and being from the bayou. Thank you for connecting with me and my roots.

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