The many uses of Clary Sage.

Clary Sage Benefits

clary sage picClary Sage is one of my favorite oils to use in love spells to attract a lover to me and as an aphrodisiac. So far my clients love it and there are far more benefits to this herb than this.

When burned it can help to rid the environment of lower vibrational energies and in turn, helps to raise your vibration. It is often used to smoke out a home with the intent to chase away evil. Although I am a strong believer in combining sage with other things to remove really heavy energies, clary sage has a special place in my heart due to all the many positive solutions it brings.

A few reasons to use clary sage:

1. Helps to treat issues with oily skin
2. Burning sage helps to ease anxiety
3. Assists with depression by lifting negative emotions and creating a feeling of happiness and hope
4. Stress relief
5. Great in love spells as an aphrodisiac
6. Migraine relief
7. Helps improve vision
8. Good for women’s reproductive issues such as cramps and easing menopausal symptoms
9. Its properties are revitalizing and rejuvenating

Burn it, use in aromatherapy or add the oil to a love spell.

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