Freedom of Expression

The Bad Side Of Speaking Your Truth

We see it all the time. People always encourage you to be honest, speak what’s on your mind and don’t hide. We say we love authenticity. But what often happens is most people are not ready for your truth. Many people only want your truth when it makes them comfortable or you are saying what they want to hear.

On the other hand, many just want you to expose yourself, so they can judge or be nosy. Of course, when you decide to be bold and speak or live from your heart you are always running the risk that you will be shamed, hated and maybe even excommunicated on some level.

Coming out the closet and baring your soul is risky especially if you care what people think. You are playing a roll in paving the way for another level of free thinking and authenticity by stepping out of your comfort zone and shining your light into the world. Everyone will not like you, your mission or message. The truth is authenticity reveals some scary or unique sides to most people that everyone is not ready to see.

Humans tend to want to control and silence what they don’t like or fail to understand. Yes, some perspectives are harmful and toxic while others can be used to create a healthy open dialogue to delve deeper into the experiences many face in life. If your message does not resonate with someone they are always free to disengage and walk away. Never be afraid of losing friends and followers. Instead be more concerned with understanding your audience, the effects of your choices and making sure your actions align with helping you reach the end goal.

You were not created to be loved and accepted by everyone and why would you want to be? Attracting your Divine right tribe is so much better than being safe and acceptable to everyone.

Therefore, I admire people who can be themselves despite how much anyone else may disagree with it. There is nothing more freeing than being honest with yourself, authentic and completely living in your truth (light and dark).

Your truth may change over time as you grow and become wiser. Live your truth the way you want. Don’t be afraid to be thrown to the wolves. Be the Wolf!

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