Rosemary Herb to Raise Your Vibration

I have been using herbs for healing and spiritual benefits since I was a little girl. So, I have grown to absolutely love and appreciate the powerful influence herbs can have on a mind, body, spirit, physical and magical level.

Lately, I find a way to incorporate Rosemary oil and the herb into my spiritual practice almost daily. So, I thought I would share a few of the amazing reasons why you may want to smoke, eat, sip, sniff or rub a little rosemary on.
rosemary herbA little about this stimulating herb:

  • Mental clarity / Peace of mind – eat the herb, burn the oil or even smoke it (in moderation)
  • Spiritual / mental / psychic protection
  • Repairs holes in the aura and leaks in the Chakras – dab the oil on your Chakras or bathe in it
  • Activates the 3rd eye and enhances psychic perception
  • Enhances memory – great if you have a lot of studying to do
  • Helps with dream recall – put in pillow case or drink as a tea before bed
  • Keeps nightmares away – put it under your pillow
  • Spells / magical workings around loving relationships and fidelity
  • A good mood lifter
  • Excellent for meditation – sniff it or put the oil on your temples, 3rd eye, rub on the heart Chakra, dab it under your nose etc…
  • From my personal experience, it is great for cat allergies and alleviating asthma symptoms

However you decide to do it, enjoy the mind, body, spirit benefits

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