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Motivated by other people’s success.

Are you motivated by other people’s success?

How does it make you feel when you see other people prospering and thriving?

I am a strong believer that you can hold yourself back by having the wrong attitude towards other people’s happiness, financial wealth, personal growth and success.

successful-people-unsuccessful-people-370x208Seeing other people flourish makes me even more excited about reaching my goals. It reminds me that what I want to achieve is attainable and gives me extra motivation! I am already quite self-motivated but a little more inspiration and positive energy won’t hurt that’s for sure.

Envy, jealousy and hatred cloud your aura, blocks your blessings and doesn’t support your goals. To me, celebrating someone else’s accomplishments is exciting and feels good. I love seeing other people happy! But aside from just celebrating their success, if they obtained something I want, I get excited for the day I get there too.

This type of attitude keeps your vibration high which attracts your desires to you even faster. 

Another person’s success is never a sign that they are doing better than you or that you are failing in some way!  Never!

It is all about perspective.

Looking down on what other people are doing with their life, downplaying their success or being jealous is a very low vibration and a waste of energy.  Focus less on comparing yourself and find a way to never be intimidated or bothered by what other people are doing. Celebrate with other people, smile and feel good. Use this energy to fuel your personal goals if need be!

Keep your vibration high!

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