Mirror Magick

I am a fan of learning how to work your magic!

Everyone has magic in them and we all are born with the ability to tap into that power to heal, transform and move us forward. Magic happens on many levels in various forms. We are working our magic daily through our thoughts, emotions, belief systems and the actions we take.

Whether you believe in magic or not, it’s very much present and influencing your life daily.

Mirror magic is a practice that goes beyond thoughts and emotions, deep into the spirit world. Many practitioners and those seeking spiritual growth use mirrors for divination.

mirror magicMirror magic is a powerful way to peer deep into the soul, explore the spirit world, enter the Akashic Records (the Book of Life), see your shadow sides, heal yourself, see your past lives, spirit communication and so much more.

Mirrors are associated with the water element, so you can also use them to program or reprogram your subconscious mind.

You can get a square or rectangular mirror from anywhere (I don’t suggest using a circular mirror), cleanse the energy around it and bless it with your Divine intentions. Some people like to use the mirror as is in complete darkness, and others like to paint the mirror black.

Set crystal clear intentions, put up your protective shields, breathe deeply and gaze into the mirror. Eventually images will start to form in the mirror. What you see will depend on what you intended to do.

Mirror magic can be a fun practice where you can gain information about yourself and life. When done correctly this can be quite transformative.

Never be afraid to explore the unknown.

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