Heal Your Life

Let That Shit Go!

Let That Shit Go!

So, I really want to encourage you all to tap into your God-given power to create the life you want. No more excuses for why you can’t do something or why nothing ever works out for you.

For those of you that have been following me for some time now you know I don’t believe in and will not cater to your inability to do something you really want. I like to focus on you being fully capable of accomplishing your goals in life.  Because YOU CAN!!! 🙂

Maybe you want to get married, get a better paying job, eat healthier, hire a life coach, lose weight or get a record deal.

Real change requires investment. Investing your time, energy, creativity, money, commitment, love, ideas…whatever. It requires you to get uncomfortable and let go of things that may be in your comfort zone. Don’t expect change if you are not willing to invest in yourself. You will only go as far as the amount of energy you put into the thing you want.

Take some time to write down every excuse you have been making over the last few days, months or years. It’s worth it to not just think about it but actually right it down. Come face to face with everything you keep telling yourself are “reasons” for why something can’t happen.

Most people’s “reasons” are really just an excuse either because they don’t have the proper guidance to know how to get what they want, there is a lack of motivation or they are stuck in the victim mentality.


What are you resisting? Is there something that you think about and find yourself fighting the idea, memory or change?

Most of these excuses and things you are resisting prevent you from making necessary lifestyle changes. And yes the steps it takes to get what you want will need to become a part of your lifestyle.

So, let’s focus on letting those excuses go this year! Of course, you know I will be reminding you to keep pushing, sharing tips and providing inspiration.

Get on the Right Track

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