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I Can’t Breathe.

I cried for 3 hours straight on Saturday! Yes, instead of hanging out with one of my friends like I had planned to do, instead, I was at home with tears pouring down my face while my lovely cat sat on my chest.

I had become so wrapped up in everything I had going on that I didn’t even realize just how bad my heart was hurting. I went through a few traumatic experiences in 2014 and 2015 that resulted in losing a few people I loved and having to let go of some attachments I had. I never gave myself enough time to feel, grieve and nurture myself in the ways I needed it the most. 

Things were moving very fast in my life and when everything went down I just literally kept going. I kept on pushing like nothing ever happened. I mean don’t get me wrong, I did feel sad at first but I was quickly on to the next thing.

girl cryingSaturday it all caught up with me. I felt like I could not breathe! As I lay on the sofa in a light meditative state, I felt this huge lump in my chest. My cat came and suddenly laid towards the bottom of my chest. At that moment, I started feeling the emotions rise. I focused all of my energy and attention towards my heart…then it happened.

I burst out into tears crying so hard I was literally screaming. I am pretty sure if my neighbors were outside they would have thought someone was killing me. That’s how loud I was. It was the biggest cry I think I ever had in my life! I swear I released trauma and pain leading all the way back to my childhood that had been overlooked.

Hours later when it was all done, I felt a million times lighter! I literally felt more vibrant than ever before. I cleanse and do healing work on myself regularly, yet I had kept myself so busy with personal matters, life, relationships and clients that I had no idea I even needed a good ass cry.

I feel like a brand new person after all that Lol!

I felt inspired to share this with you because I want you to know that you should never be afraid to just sit down and cry sometimes. Let it all out! Keeping the tears and emotions bottled up does nothing to serve you in the end. Contrary to popular belief that is not strength! Yes, there are times when you do need to suck it up and hold it all together, but don’t let that keep you from taking some time to get in tune with what you need and cry in your alone time.

So, what are you keeping bottled up inside? Ignoring what your body, mind, spirit and soul needs will not make it all better. It will not suddenly go away.

Love yourself enough to take the time to cry, release and feel.

Much love to you!

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