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How to Create Mojo Magick.

Sometimes you need a little boost sitting right in your back pocket, or for ladies, in your purse, to get you through some rough spots during the day. Mojo bags are not a cure all but they are very helpful in attracting your desires to you even faster.

IMG_1347For example, I always carry mojo bags for prosperity and protection. I have a red bag for protection and a green one for prosperity. Each bag will have a different amount of ingredients and you will usually select the number of ingredients based on a number you choose intuitively or that has some significant meaning.

The same goes for the ingredients in your bag which can be a mix of crystals, powders, resins, herbs and other creative objects that you feel will manifest the type of energy needed to bring your desires to you. I also like to sew on a charm that is associated with the type of mojo bag I am creating for a little extra energy.

Charge Your Bag

You will need to charge your mojo bag prior to storing it in your purse, wallet, as a necklace, in your pockets or wherever you are going to keep it.

1. Pray/speak your intentions into your bag as you create it. Visualize your desires coming to you. Once you made your bag, blow life into it by literally blowing your breath into the bag while visualizing your intentions.

2. For 7 days you will keep your mojo bag on your person at all times. Keep it under your pillow while you sleep and during the day in your pocket and for ladies in your bra or as a necklace.

3. I like to keep my mojo bags on my altar for an additional 3 days before using them.

4. You can also do candle magic along with your mojo bag to enhance its power.

5. Charge it in the moon or sunlight for 24 hours.

An Example of What My Prosperity Mojo Bag May Include:

  • Yellow dock root
  • Pyrite
  • Lodestone charged for prosperity
  • Saigon cinnamon stick
  • Fast luck oil
  • My money oil
  • Five finger grass root
  • Money powder blend I made myself
  • Ginger
  • Dollar bill or coins
  • Rue
  • A petition with the name and intent

The above is just an example so feel free to mix things up the way you like.

If you want your own personal mojo bag made by me, I create them for money, luck, protection, love/relationships and personal power. Contact me HERE for details. Be sure to state that you are interested in Mojo Bags and what type you would like.

Peace & Blessings


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