The many uses of Clary Sage.

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Clary Sage Benefits Clary Sage is one of my favorite oils to use in love spells to attract a lover to me and as an aphrodisiac. So far my clients love it and there are far more benefits to this herb than this. When burned it can help to rid the environment of lower vibrational […]

Heal Your Life

A Badass Spiritual Bath Recipe

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Time to hit the reset button with a good cleansing spiritual bath! I am a huge fan of doing cleanses very often, especially when you work with a lot of clients as a healer, psychic, life coach, counselor, hoodoo rootworker etc.. But the need to cleanse your energy field applies to everyone!  I am going […]


Rosemary Herb to Raise Your Vibration

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I have been using herbs for healing and spiritual benefits since I was a little girl. So, I have grown to absolutely love and appreciate the powerful influence herbs can have on a mind, body, spirit, physical and magical level. Lately, I find a way to incorporate Rosemary oil and the herb into my spiritual […]