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💞 BE in the Moment. No Judgment. 🙏

Living in the Moment
Just a moment in time

Out of the clear blue sky, I thought about someone I have an interest in and it instantly made me feel good and very happy!

It put a HUGE smile on my face!

At this very moment, I realize that far too often I get so caught up in the future, the end result, or what something will become that I lose sight of just being in the moment. I lose sight of being in the moment without any attachment or expectations!

And right now…I am reminded to allow things to BE…

It’s funny how small things can lead to such profound realizations… or even just a simple reminder of what we already know.

That situation, touch, thought, feeling or emotion that I enjoy may only be for that moment. Everything I like and love may not always last forever but may only be meant for that time…without judgment.

Picture courtesy of Massmo Relsig

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