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Your Money Mindset

When you focus on what you don’t like, can’t have and aren’t able to afford, you get more of that in your life. It never fails that when someone wants something bad enough, somehow they always find a way to make it happen.

prosperityThe burning desire to have what you want puts you in the mindset of coming up with the money, time, ideas and energy. Your unwavering desire for something, along with your willingness to do what it takes to have that thing, opens doors to prosperity.

For instance, your lover moves across country and you rarely get to see this person. You really miss your lover, so you suddenly start thinking of all kinds of ways to get there. You will borrow money, work more hours, save money, create new opportunities etc… It may take you some time, but if you are determined to do something you will make it work out.

When you want more prosperity or money, never focus on what you can’t afford!

Immediately shift your focus to what you can do to attract or change Fill In The Blank.

Having a victim mentality when it comes to your finances only holds you back from moving forward. It is very hard to attract abundance when you are thinking and acting in powerless ways.

By consistently shifting your focus to creating the results you want and raising your vibration, this opens the doors to allow opportunities for abundance to flow to you.

This is an empowering way to help you start down the path of elevating your mindset so you can get more of what you want in life. 

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