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Attract Better Men and Enhance Your Sexual Energy

Attract Better Men and Enhance Your Sexual Energy

I love using essential oils, flowers, and herbs to manifest my desires. Let’s talk about the power of combining Musk and Jasmine essential oils for a simple way to remove toxic relationships, habits, beliefs, and patterns so you can start enjoying beneficial relationships with men that serve you best while turning up the volume on your sex appeal.

💕Are you wanting to attract a new lover, boyfriend or better potential partners in general?
🌷Do you want to feel and ooze a more potent sexual energy?
đź’•Have you experienced abusive relationships in the past and still need to release this toxic energy?

Maybe you just want to attract love and feel more beautiful and feminine.

Musk oil is great for releasing and healing abusive patterns and energies. It also helps you to attract healthier relationships that are rooted in respect, love, and adoration. Musk is also a romantic, sensual scent that will turn you and your partner on. To top it off, this smell will light the fire in your love life.

Jasmine oil gets men’s attention! It will attract loving relationships, make you appear more beautiful, you will feel sexier and men will adore you. This flower is also an aphrodisiac.

You can mix Musk and Jasmine together to wear on your body or add a few drops to your bath water. Add a little rose oil or rose water for a potent healing, beauty enhancing, sexy bath.

Photo courtesy of Denise Flynn

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