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Attitude Adjustment.

I find that it is incredibly easy to just throw in the towel, get annoyed and even pitch a little fit when things aren’t going your way. But what if we allow ourselves a moment to be pissed off, without judgment, then snap out of it and adjust our attitude.

I see soattitude many people feel guilty for getting angry, being in a bad mood or whatever so called “negative” emotion they are feeling at that time. While I’m not a fan of being negative all the time, staying down and out too long or constantly complaining about the same thing without taking proper actions to creating a solution, I still think it’s outright ridiculous to feel bad about being upset and expressing how you feel.

Give yourself a good 5-minutes (or however long you feel you need) to rant, rave and blow off some steam. Just don’t allow the anger to linger for too long or else you are likely to be bound for a downward spiral. Go for a walk, do some yoga, cry for a little while, write about it or whatever you prefer to do for a good release when time permits. The good thing is you at least¬†get all the frustration out of your system.

The truth is whether we realize it or not, we always have a solution to our problem. Once we take a moment to calm down, take a deep breath and channel our inner wisdom, there are usually many possibilities to bring light to the darkness. One of the biggest lies most people tell themselves is that they do not know enough or have the capability to change their situation. You may not know everything right away, but you damn sure can find the answers or get inspired ideas if you really want to.

Self-belief, Google , your trusty friend with the best advice, a good laugh and some form of meditation to get that AHA moment can go a long way!

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