Akasha Aleya Sol

Akasha Aleya Sol

Oracle | Psychic | Shaman | Bruja | Alchemist

I come from a lineage of indigenous shamans, psychic seers, root workers, and brujas whose abilities were passed down to me through my mother’s bloodline. My father, a faithful Christian, raised me from early childhood to use herbs and natural remedies for healing. I first knew I was a healer at a very young age. I had an awareness of my ability to heal and change my environment as well as peoples energy field using unique hand postures and my voice.

My strong connection to nature has never left me and I spent my entire life being connected to the spirit world having countless experiences with both evil and good spirits/energy, demons, the dead, interdimensional beings, black magic and a variety of supernatural activity. Growing up I was raised on herbal remedies as a solution to any sickness and rarely took medication. As I grew older signs of me being a natural witch and psychic continued to manifest.

After an Ayahuasca journey with a Shaman in Pisac, Peru my spiritual awakening took an interesting turn. I went through several years journeying in the darkness undergoing deep challenging healing and transformation. My spiritual awakening and journey into Shamanism and witchcraft was not a walk in the park. It was a rough, yet beautiful awakening that sort of forced me to learn to use my gifts, connect with my ancestors and tap into my power.

Aside from the spirits initiating me into my ancestral witchcraft practice, I eventually had a small initiation while staying in Guatemala. The Mayan Priestess I stayed with introduced me to her Tata and I experienced a powerful Mayan ritual celebrating the Divine Feminine that awakened many energies within me, connected me to certain ancestors and helped to put me on my Divine right path. Several years later, I studied under my late mentor Angela Henriquez, also known as Navee and Gypsy, who was a Palera, Santera and initiated into Haitian Vodou with over 40 years experience. Navee was also a very accurate, skilled psychic medium.

My knowledge of magic, rituals, and connection to my ancestors developed greatly under her guidance. Before and after my mentor passed away, there were several things I learned through being self-taught, the long journey’s into the darkness that aided my ascension (shamanic journey’s), spiritual battles, personal development, my ancestors/the spirits, channeling and intuition. 

My shamanic journey’s into the dark side, initiations, spiritual awakenings, as well as trials and tribulations, have played a major role in helping me to become who I am today. I am also a certified Theta DNA Healing Practitioner and trained Life Coach.

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