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Akasha Aleya Sol is a Psychic, Alchemist, Oracle and Bruja who uses her ability to read energy to see the root cause/source of your problems. When it comes to shamanism, alchemy and witchcraft she will help you tap into your unique power, heal on all levels, master your life, overcome obstacles and understand how to move forward in all areas of your life. Her work as a spiritualist began with her childhood experiences in the spirit world, shamanic journeys, and tapping into her inner wisdom.




I want to thank Aleya for getting rid of all the negative entities & spirits that were in my home. I had put my trust in another psychic (before Aleya) she caused evil entities that affected my love life, sex life, relationships & finances. It also affects people that lived with me, in the same areas. Anyone that wanted to get a job, they would be unsuccessful. Items like glass miraculously just fell for no reason. Aleya cleared all that up. Now I'm much happier & I have someone I can trust. ~ Bridgett B.,
It was a great experience. Aleya was awesome! ~ Cherese Campbell,
Having never had a past life reading before I was not sure what to expect. I got a pleasant surprise -Aleya is amazingly down-to-earth and practical in her approach. She explained the readings in terms that were easy to understand and I was able to use the information straight away. This has been having a profound impact on my life ever since! If you want to get some messages for your life in a caring environment Aleya is the person to go to. Christie ~ Sydney, Australia,
Sometimes it takes a long time to find a pure energy worker who works with her ancestors and brings their ancient rituals and healing harmony into the light, to work on a very high level of channelling, it's also hard for a psychic healer/ medium to accept that they need energy shifting and finding the right light worker is often difficult in this profession. My guides guided me to find Aleya. I don't trust many people but I trust my guides completely.
My healing session was spell binding and enchanting and I felt so much shifting of the energies. Aleya zones out and uses ancient healing method to bring in the highest level of channeled healing I have ever received.  Aleya is pure, her soul shines to help others she really is spell binding and the best light worker I have come across.
Paula Mary
Psychic healer /medium Bexhill on Sea (UK)
Aleya was amazingly in tune with my energy. Her messages and insight have been empowering and affirming. I am reminded that I am already in tune. I have finished sessions feeling a sense of expansion, deeply in tune with myself as a Soul in a body with a clear vision on what my mission is on this planet. Thank you Aleya for your ability to see Soul and offer it a loving goad to keep on keeping on--- that it's love will continue to guide the way! ~ Sarah Lamb,
Aleya has an amazing gift. She made me feel comfortable and she just has a loving presence about her. She helped me understand more about myself and what is out there for me. She was able to settle my mind and put me at ease. I will definitely be talking to her again. I would highly highly recommend her to anyone. ~ Tammy Friederich,


The Bad Side Of Speaking Your Truth

We see it all the time. People always encourage you to be honest, speak what’s on your mind and don’t hide. We say we love authenticity. But what often happens is most people are not ready for your truth. Many people only want your truth when it makes them comfortable or you are saying what they want […]
By : admin | May 2, 2018

Let Me See Your Soul

Let Me See Your Soul 👁 Soul to soul connections is a rare experience! Why is that? Well, the average person has either been taught to wear a mask, hiding their greatness and true nature, or they have chosen to hide from the world all on their own. We are tricked, lead and deceived into embracing […]
By : admin | Nov 21, 2017

Are you imbalanced? Signs you are not grounded.

Are you imbalanced? Signs you are not grounded. Being grounded is very important for spiritual growth and development, especially people who are sensitive to the energy around them. A grounded person is centered and present in their body which allows them to feel more in control. When you are properly grounded you feel less fearful, […]
By : admin | Oct 25, 2017

Attract Better Men and Enhance Your Sexual Energy

Attract Better Men and Enhance Your Sexual Energy I love using essential oils, flowers, and herbs to manifest my desires. Let’s talk about the power of combining Musk and Jasmine essential oils for a simple way to remove toxic relationships, habits, beliefs, and patterns so you can start enjoying beneficial relationships with men that serve […]
By : admin | Oct 18, 2017

Break witchcraft and cleanse your aura. Witchy Tips.

Break witchcraft and cleanse your aura. Witchy Tips. Want to go to bed with a clearer conscious knowing you did something to spiritually cleanse yourself of any lingering unwanted energies? Maybe you didn’t have time for a spiritual bath or any more in-depth work before hitting the sheets. This tip is very simple but an […]
By : admin | Oct 16, 2017

💞 BE in the Moment. No Judgment. 🙏

Living in the Moment Just a moment in time Out of the clear blue sky, I thought about someone I have an interest in and it instantly made me feel good and very happy! It put a HUGE smile on my face! At this very moment, I realize that far too often I get so caught […]
By : admin | Dec 29, 2016

How to Create Mojo Magick.

Sometimes you need a little boost sitting right in your back pocket, or for ladies, in your purse, to get you through some rough spots during the day. Mojo bags are not a cure all but they are very helpful in attracting your desires to you even faster. For example, I always carry mojo bags […]
By : admin | Nov 28, 2016

Cleanup Time. Spiritual Cleansing.

Let’s have a brief talk about spiritual cleansing and the importance of doing this frequently. As you all know we do so many different types of work, with witchcraft being one of the number one reasons people come to us. One thing I always have to remind my clients of is the importance of doing various […]
By : admin | Sep 15, 2016

Attitude Adjustment.

I find that it is incredibly easy to just throw in the towel, get annoyed and even pitch a little fit when things aren’t going your way. But what if we allow ourselves a moment to be pissed off, without judgment, then snap out of it and adjust our attitude. I see so many people […]
By : admin | Sep 12, 2016

The many uses of Clary Sage.

Clary Sage Benefits Clary Sage is one of my favorite oils to use in love spells to attract a lover to me and as an aphrodisiac. So far my clients love it and there are far more benefits to this herb than this. When burned it can help to rid the environment of lower vibrational […]
By : admin | Feb 27, 2016

Motivated by other people’s success.

Are you motivated by other people’s success? How does it make you feel when you see other people prospering and thriving? I am a strong believer that you can hold yourself back by having the wrong attitude towards other people’s happiness, financial wealth, personal growth and success. Seeing other people flourish makes me even more […]
By : admin | Feb 9, 2016

I Can’t Breathe.

I cried for 3 hours straight on Saturday! Yes, instead of hanging out with one of my friends like I had planned to do, instead, I was at home with tears pouring down my face while my lovely cat sat on my chest. I had become so wrapped up in everything I had going on that […]
By : admin | Feb 2, 2016

Let That Shit Go!

Let That Shit Go! So, I really want to encourage you all to tap into your God-given power to create the life you want. No more excuses for why you can’t do something or why nothing ever works out for you. For those of you that have been following me for some time now you […]
By : admin | Jan 23, 2016

A Badass Spiritual Bath Recipe

Time to hit the reset button with a good cleansing spiritual bath! I am a huge fan of doing cleanses very often, especially when you work with a lot of clients as a healer, psychic, life coach, counselor, hoodoo rootworker etc.. But the need to cleanse your energy field applies to everyone!  I am going […]
By : admin | Dec 31, 2015

Manifesting and Setting New Goals

I want to briefly discuss one of the areas where I see people get stuck all the time when it comes to manifestation and making real change in their lives. Most people are not crystal clear on what they want and WHY this is important to them! Your WHY is the driving force behind your […]
By : admin | Dec 6, 2015

Attracting money and prosperity

Your Money Mindset When you focus on what you don’t like, can’t have and aren’t able to afford, you get more of that in your life. It never fails that when someone wants something bad enough, somehow they always find a way to make it happen. The burning desire to have what you want puts […]
By : admin | Oct 19, 2015

Why You Should Get Rootwork. Signs You May Be Cursed.

Spells and magic are all about using natural elements, a connection to the Divine, creativity, focused intentions, knowledge of herbs/spices/nature, understanding energy and how to manipulate it and adding some extra juice to help manifest your desires. Now, of course, there is more to it. All witches, rootworkers, voodoo practitioners etc… are NOT created equal!  I […]
By : admin | Oct 14, 2015

Rosemary Herb to Raise Your Vibration

I have been using herbs for healing and spiritual benefits since I was a little girl. So, I have grown to absolutely love and appreciate the powerful influence herbs can have on a mind, body, spirit, physical and magical level. Lately, I find a way to incorporate Rosemary oil and the herb into my spiritual […]
By : admin | Oct 5, 2015

Mirror Magick

I am a fan of learning how to work your magic! Everyone has magic in them and we all are born with the ability to tap into that power to heal, transform and move us forward. Magic happens on many levels in various forms. We are working our magic daily through our thoughts, emotions, belief […]
By : admin | Oct 1, 2015

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